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And the greatest of these is love. Go Bernie

May 3, 2016

Well it looks like Bernie won’t let the DNC and establishment Dems get on with their “regularly scheduled programming.”   He just won Indiana. I am in awe that the youngest people  in this country are supporting the oldest candidate in the race. I am heartened that they are turning a blind eye to the establishment media who keep trying to tell us that golly gee, his candidacy is “fading.”  That last comment was courtesy of the LA Times which published an article a few days ago saying that because Bernie only raised  26 million dollars last quarter, that his candidacy was over. Two days later, he wins Indiana.  Too bad that many teachers seem to be following the status quo and believing whatever the media tells them about Hillary, the “inevitable candidate.”

The NEA (National Education Association) is trying to shove Hillary in our faces as a full -page color spread in their latest teacher magazine issue nearly jumps off the page with Pravda -like comments from teachers around the country who support Hillary.   One particularly nauseating comment comes from a civics teacher in Hamilton, VA who stated,” As a civics teacher, I’m teaching kids what it means to live in a democracy. I want them to have their say and express their views, so they can make a better future for themselves. I think Hillary Clinton is part of that future.”  What he leaves out is that without a middle class, we can’t have a democracy.  We have an oligarchy.    It’s not enough for students to be able to “express their views.” They have to be able to effect change and with such concentrated wealth at the top, that is nearly impossible to do. None of the comments dealt with the root issues in society today- unaffordable college, rising rents and continued job losses.

This educator is not going along with the party line.  Hillary really doesn’t support unions. She sat on the board of Wal Mart for crying out loud. She gave speeches to bankers for hundreds of thousands of dollars. You don’t do that unless you have their interests at heart.  So I’ll vote for the candidate who has my interests at heart: Bernie Sanders.

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