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This “Failing” School Needs to be Reconstituted…. Oh, Wait…..

November 20, 2014


I used to work at Fremont, but not the Fremont you see above. Not the one with the mascot that looks like a cross between Cantinflas and an ISIS militant in a tutu.   It certainly doesn’t look like a Pathfinder.   Four years,  80 million bucks and a whole slew of the “best and the brightest” teachers later and Fremont has reached the top 1000- of “failing” schools in the state. Sound familiar?

95 LA Schools on State List of 1000 Underperformers

I wonder who they’ll blame this time- they can’t blame the teachers.  After all, once we were chased out,  the moronic administrators said they had 600 applications for our jobs- plenty of high caliber teachers to choose from, right?   The next gimmick on the horizon appears to be the Parent Trigger or a  state takeover.   Funny, no one seems to have any memory of the reconstitution of four years ago.  There’s no reflection, no analysis, just the same finger pointing.

It’s been four years since Superintendent Cortines strode into the cafeteria flanked by armed school police and proclaimed Fremont and its staff failures.  Four years of trying to find my place again as a teacher.  Four years of watching some colleagues land on their feet and others fall to the depths of despair.   Four years of trying to rationalize not giving 150% to teaching anymore, simply out of self-protection.   Perhaps  I and other former staff members should feel vindicated by this latest piece of news but all I feel is anger at the senselessness of disrupting students’ educations and denying them experienced teachers; the senselessness of changing to a hellish 8 X 2 schedule just so someone could say that 700 students “graduated.”  The press was there for that phony charade. Where are they now?

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