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Chris Christie : Teacher – Hating Bully

November 3, 2013

christie bully 2what do you people want_just do yourjob

How far has this country sunk?  When  a supposedly “moderate” governor of a state feels perfectly safe screaming at a teacher publicly for asking a simple question,  you know we are near the bottom of the cesspool. When those who used to be entrusted with passing on the intellectual heritage of our country and the world to the next generation are treated like this, only a full blown revolution will change anything.

When a  New Jersey teacher asked Christie why he kept portraying schools and teachers as failing, he screamed at her,  “What do you people want? Just do your job!”

Well Governor Christie, since you asked here is the list of what this lowly teacher desires:

1) Laid off teachers hired back.

2) Music, art, geography, four full years of PE, drivers education, school to work programs and Industrial Arts all brought back to the schools.

3) An end to multiple choice standardized testing and the implementation of  authentic assessment including student writing, speaking and presentations.  These assessments tell us much more about what our students know than guessing the right answer on multiple choice tests.

4) Middle class manufacturing jobs brought back to the cities so the parents of my students would have decent jobs instead of cleaning houses and working at McDonalds.  You might want to check out Chris Hedges chapter in his book Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt on your own city, Camden, New Jersey the poorest city in the United States and the most dangerous.   It’s called Days of Siege. I wonder how good an education the kids of Camden get under your watch, Governor. Camden used to be a thriving manufacturing city.   How has it fared under your stewardship,  Governor?  I have a suggestion for you.  “Just do your job.” Then maybe we could do ours.

camden 2

Joe Sacco’s drawing of Camden, New Jersey in Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt by Chris Hedges and Joe Sacco (2012)


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