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We’ve Been Had

October 29, 2013

WTF was all this resignation stuff about?  And what happened to our “elected” school board?  My guess is Deasy and his Eli Broad goons must have some heavy stuff on these cowards. How else to explain extending his contract to….2016- a nightmare for students and teachers alike.

Yes, the problems in education are “bad” teachers, not working conditions and large class sizes. (sarcasm alert).

We’re screwed. It’s as simple as that.

Real teachers who don’t want to teach corporate Pearson curriculum need to find jobs in other districts because that’s really what all this high drama was about- money.  Pearson wasn’t about to lose out on the millions for the IPAD curriculum,  even though teacher created companies such as Interact and TCI History Alive can provide superior curriculum much cheaper.   Ever try ordering HIstory Alive textbooks through your school? Good fucking luck.  You’ll get turned back at every step.

LA School Report, the online blog of the corporate reformers quotes Deasy as saying he will “lift students out of poverty.” Really? Because we only have part time counselors at my school,  and no college counselor.  Most seniors are completely overwhelmed by the FAFSA and all other college related tasks.   Just creating an email account was overwhelming for them.  Most struggled to produce resumes and cover letters free of grammar and spelling errors.  All of this of course is due to a single -minded focus on test scores over real learning.  So I actually see my students as staying mired in poverty, not being extracted from it.

I had a chance to leave this district in 2005 and I should have taken it.  I’m kicking myself now.

rendo help I'm a public school teacher

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  1. October 30, 2013 10:00 pm

    The grass roots were astroturf, but one teacher was successful in getting the truth out, using his few minutes to explain why so many veteran teachers were being jailed on false charges. He just got rubber stamped through on his dismissal after 26 years of unstaned service. He is not the only teacher who suddenly landed in the sites of mercenary administrators , accused of terrible misdeeds , all these years of excellent work meaningless beside an accusation that may be investigated, even clear said teacher, but Deasy has notoriously terminated or driven her out because that is his goal. Unload these vested pensions, lifetime HMOs and know it all senior teachers to. Make room for the cheap 2 year TFA temps and 99 day subs. At 100 days subs qualify for HMO so they will not get assignments after 99.
    Deasy was not happy to have his parade pissed on like this, but in reflection, you will note that he sure pulled out a lot of stops to keep us all in line. Right to the leaks, the spin and his bully freinds assembling phony fans, Garcetti butting in and his monsterous assumption that these sheninagins were going to teach us whose boss. It was disconcerting, depressing to see the united way pawns oass out daisies for Deasy and for Monica Garcia to sit up on her thrown again wearing that cheshire grin. As if she had won and had to bloat. But one thing is for sure, she did not sing. And this is not over.
    We know that Zimmer, Vlad, LaMotte, and possibly Kayser folded. The contect clues in may stories covering the BOE actually vilified the hold out, Zimmer alluding to the “almost” everyone being in favor of keeping Deasy as if he was not the most duplicitous, devious and despicable minion you never want to meet. Vlad was cornered and as Freemont here notes, most likely in fear of his other exploits being revealed so Gazatlan could whip him publicly, which she was set to yesterday but I guess the Diva in charge was busy chewing up so much scenery… Ratliff, the one who defied the odds and was not supported by the union, though Fletcher tried like hell to siphon her glory, lying about UTLAs endorsement then turning his back on her when she was being mocked for doing her job, asking about the budget, probing Johnny iPad’s plan. LAWEEKLY accused the board iof harrnguing Deasy, an attorney in a mega firm that is making bank on Deasy’s copious lawsuits spoke of beong on the verge of anger because the board was frustrating Deasy with micromanagement, making HIS life so miserable, he would leave unless these members buckled under, which apparently most of them did.
    The fuckery left us all a little edgey and at loose ends. We know the transcripts of the afro turf planners discussion is an amazing indictment of Deasy’s dishonest, but be advised, he was not alone in pulling this off.
    The directive of one 6 figired minion warned the other not to smear the union leadership or certain members of the BOE. This confirmed whet we know in our hearts is Fletcher’s shameless betrayal. Fcr me, there was not much doubt and Ratliff becoming sort of the offensive holdout is actually encouraging. We are not screwed, but we are between a rock and another hard place, it could be worse, and it may get that way. But we cornered that rat, and next time, he may not have it so easy because we now have hos playbooks to look to. Keep making a difference. Do not listen to George. He has no clue about the work we do. He cannot fathom that commitment or concessions one makes to keep it. We may not be able to do it much longer, unless we rise and fight our oppresors, which includes Warren Fletcher, Deasy of course,, any bully who tells us what to do

  2. FremontWatch permalink*
    November 1, 2013 6:11 am

    What is my plan? Nothing can stop it until the parents stop it. My plan is for parents to pull their kid out of school and homeschool them until the district gets the message….that’s the only thing that will work. The 20 year veteran teacher was no cheater..he was a fabulous and ethical individual. I know who Ravitch is. The question is, who are you?

  3. November 21, 2013 6:10 pm

    Wonderful and powerful article on how we have allowed ourselves to be “had”. I am pro-union, but the education unions in the United States are not behaving at all like real unions. It is most unfortunate, but I do think infighting within unions will make for improvements and reinvention. Obviously, this is a process and takes a long time, but one that is not impossible. Just look at the CTU and the MORE caucus of the UFT.

    BTW, only as an aside, may I ask you to provide a small by-line for the art work here? It is free for the taking always, as stated on my blog, but I also condition it with crediting the artist/writer. . . . merely an aspect of journalistic professionalism and courtesy, nothing more.

    Freemont, you produce an excellent blog! Keep on advocating . . . .

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