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Please Join the Network for Public Education

March 17, 2013


Dear Colleagues,

We can only preach to the choir for so long.  Even if we have not yet been subjected to the worst of the education “reform” agenda here in California, our colleagues in other states have, most notably,  Florida, Chicago, Arizona and Wisconsin.    In Florida and Chicago, hundreds of schools are being closed and charters are being opened.  It matters not that thousands of parents show up to  “meetings” in which the dasterdly decisions have already been made. They are ignored.   Tax dollars in Florida and Chicago will be spent to open charter schools. I guess the parents will have no choice but to send their kids to these “public” schools that of course will have lower -paid, non -unionized teachers who will be teaching to a script. 

We know what happened in Wisconsin and  in Arizona teachers lost permanent status two years ago and can’t teach ethnic studies courses. They also can’t have any materials in other languages in their classrooms.   Diane Ravitch along with Anthony Cody and several others have started the Network for Public Education. Please support it.  It costs 20 dollars to become  a member.  Recall that the charter reform groups are being funded with deep pockets such as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Gates Foundation.   But collectively, if teachers and their supporters join for 20 dollars each or join as an activist at 50 dollars we can finally do more than talk to each other.

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