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Let Them Eat Spam

May 6, 2012
Hey teachers, we’ll all need to economize with that gaping hole in our paychecks come July.  Have a great vacation!  Enjoy the “summers off” the clueless public keeps complaining about.

Yes  I know as a history teacher that Marie Antoinette never said “Let Them Eat Cake,” but that phrase came to mind when I found out that we LAUSD teachers would be getting four furlough days taken out of July’s check.  Great way to start a vacation, huh?

It feels even better to know that LAUSD is ending the year with a 1 billion dollar surplus while I scramble to figure out how to plug a 700 dollar hole in my paycheck.   I do have a second job that ends mid-June that will cover about 150 or 200 dollars of that.  Then I signed up for some shifts at a third job I work in the summer and am holding my breath hoping to just make up the rest of my stolen wages.

One of my colleagues who always worked summer school will be doing construction this summer- yes that’s right- a very brilliant teacher with excellent classroom management skills will be doing construction to pay for his fall wedding,  because for the first time  in memory, our school will not be offering summer sessions. Teaching is feeling more and more like it is less developed countries to the south of us- Mexico’s teacher’s until recently only made 500 dollars a month.  It looks like teaching in the United States is headed south (excuse the pun)

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