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“We May Never Pass This Way Again”…except when we do

May 3, 2012

One of the most renewing yet bittersweet aspects of working at my current school site so close to Fremont is unexpectedly running into many of my old colleagues working short or  long term positions at my school when they are off track- which I guess will be the last time that will happen since Fremont is going traditional next year.

Ms. Hill is currently working an English position and one of Fremont’s former coaches  just finished a three day stint.  There have been a few more- it is comforting yet haunting in a way.  Comforting to see beloved familiar faces but haunting when I hear the stories of continued upheaval and mistreatment of teachers at our former beloved school. Mistreatment such as being written up for minor offenses and being interviewed by brand new teachers to keep a position you’ve had for years- just another way to get rid of more veteran teachers and institutional memory at Fremont.    Fremont continues to destabilize and disintegrate, yet I feel joy when I see those I used to share time and space and boring PD’s with – y0u all made them much less boring.     One former teacher lamented the  dispersal of such a fabulous staff and it is hard not to continue to dwell on that.

When our school attended a PD at Manuel Arts, who was there to greet me but Manny, the wonderful security from Fremont who many of us worried about because we thought he had lost his position with the district.  Then I ran into Mr. Royster walking up some stairs at Manuel Arts and another enthusiastic reunion took place.

I feel grateful for my new position because the staff is wonderful and we get strong support from our administration, something sorely lacking at most LD7 schools.

Former Fremonties.  as Jill Pyrko would refer to us,  I will always remember you and feel joy when our paths cross.  Jill, I still see your beautiful classroom in my mind.

“I will remember you,

will you remember me

don’t let your life pass you by

weep not for the memories”

Sometimes I still do weep for the memories.

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