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It’s Three! Three RIF’s in One!!

March 16, 2012

UPDATE 2  3/26/12: I just received yet another adult school RIF in the mail, bringing the total to 4!  Can’t wait for my hearing, especially since I never worked adult school!! 

UPDATE 1It appears as though because a former principal attempted to process me to teach one night a week – even thought I never did-  that qualifies me to receive an adult education RIF- I was notified by someone in Human Resources today that anyone who even might have tried to get processed years ago got a RIF!!  Crazy, but I’m still not sure that is the issue so I need to go through the hearing process.  So far I am not on the list for my school………However, since I received three different RIF notices does that mean I need to send back three different hearing letters???

Yes, I received not one, not two, but THREE  identical RIF notices from the district yesterday!  Better yet, these notices stated something this full time permanent teacher is unaware of –  that according to district records,  I am actually a part time limited employee and as such,  don’t have the same rights as other teachers under the education code.  Hmm, I wonder if they will ask for all of my C basis pay back for the past nine years.

My principal does not have me on the RIF list soooooooo is this like that payroll debacle some years back when I received at least five different letters stating I owed five different amounts of money?  Stay tuned………………

What is most despicable is the way the district uses mass RIF’s as a bargaining chip rather than a legitimate reduction of staff in a true budget crisis. If you don’t believe me, check out the LA Times article which states that in the ENTIRE state of California,  there are 19,5000 Reduction in Force notices going out- 11,000 of them in LAUSD. Obviously given that we are 48th out of 50 in  top teacher scale) pay and that we have a high turnover of teachers,  something is wrong with the district’s allocation of resources.     Interestingly, we aren’t seeing this type of mass layoff in surrounding districts.  But then they don’t waste money on “magic bullet” one shot programs like Thinking Maps and other nonsense.   Long -term thinking is not on the district’s radar.

I can  illustrate the district’s complete disregard for the taxpayer through a typical tale that will sound quite familiar to many teachers.  A few years back, a wonderful social studies coach that was working at Fremont happened to be at the district’s warehouse.   She stumbled upon some wonderful history writing curriculum called The DBQ project that the district had spent well over 50,000 dollars on then left to rot in the warehouse.

This coach rightly saw the application for all students, not just AP students and contacted the teachers in Illinois who had created this wonderful curriculum.   They came out and did a full day presentation and we each got a binder and workbooks for our students.    I continue to use these lessons to this day.   This coach was obviously more valuable than those in charge who let valuable taxpayer resources  go to waste, yet personnel like that coach would be the first to be cut.

And what of the teachers who get RIF’d every single year? I talked to a former colleague in this position and he said he never even looks at the notice anymore………….Periodic assessment boycott, anyone??

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