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Lipstick on a Pig and UTLA Finally Gets a Spine

February 15, 2012

I’m sure former Fremont teachers can figure out what the lipstick is  (reconstitution) and who the “pig” this experiment of reconstitution was imposed upon.  As a colleague still at Fremont relayed to me today the number of students passing all A- G requirements with a grade of C or better dropped 9% points between when  the old staff – us-  were “displaced”  and the new, younger “energetic” teachers took our places.  In addition, the number of students on track to complete the A- G requirements has also declined.   A more telling sign is the percentage of students able to score at least 1400 on the SAT or 19 on the ACT dropped 7 %.  In other words, the “new” Fremont is in free fall.

I’m sure the demolition of the main building of Fremont this summer will also help the stability of the school.  Will the school be rebuilt?  Who knows, but I’m leaning toward “not a chance in hell.”    A karmic backlash seems to have settled on the school with the recent arrest of a teacher’s aide and the vanishing act of the arrogant AP who took Marilyn Gavin’s place.    Now these stats sent to me by a teacher who loves Fremont more than any other. If I’m hurting to see Fremont’s downfall, his pain must be multiplied by 100.    Maybe there’s a message in all of this but it is too overwhelmingly sad to try to parse it.

So given the district’s reckless handling of Fremont and the demonization of its superb staff,  is it any wonder that the staff of Miramonte would be thrown under the bus for the sins of two freaks?     The suicide of  Rigoberto Ruelas seems to have been a harbinger of  a downward spiral.  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.   Did it surprise me that Deasy would displace the entire staff, ruining careers and tainting teacher’s reputations?  No,  but I was surprised and heartened  at UTLA’s response- they held a press conference demanding the return of the Miramonte staff– finally!

Parents and students demand the return of Miramonte teachers

I wonder if parents and UTLA had come out in large numbers to support the staff of Fremont if all of this could have been stopped cold.  I think given the district’s 180 on the Miramonte staff decision, the answer is a resounding yes.    It makes it even more difficult to accept what we all went through.  The upcoming demolition of our beloved school seems completely gratuitous given that the district wasted 80 million dollars to give it a facelift.   Maybe they can’t stand to look at their failure, their shame.  Maybe it will help them forget the great wrong perpetrated on the community, students and staff of Fremont High.

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