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Gotta Love Those Rebels at Verdugo Hills High

August 25, 2011

Verdugo Hills High, a "gem" of a school located at the base of the foothills in Tujunga

  1/3/ 2012 UPDATE:  Verdugo High does now have a new principal- it’s not the one they wanted,  but it is also not the one the staff dreaded and that may have something to do with the neighborhood council’s involvement in the principal search.  The community is very heavily invested in VHHS and was incensed over the lack of choice of principals. A veteran educator, Dr.  Trimis was chosen by Deasy as the new administrator.  As far as I can tell from our community newspapers,  VHHS is running pretty much as it normally has with intense parent and community involvement and a recent very successful school fundraiser for  the music program.

Some time back, I wrote about how Verdugo High parents, teachers and community members were thwarted in their bid to choose their own principal by King “I’m in charge here” Deasy.


In my post I stated that the retiring principal, Ms. Klewitz’s picture was still on the website.  I checked today and this is what I found in place of her picture:

This question mark takes the place of the photo of the principal normally on Verdugo's website Go Dons!!!

See for yourself at the VERDUGO HIGH SCHOOL WEBSITE

This community has always had firm control of its schools and no one is going to change that.    If we can stop Home Depot we can stop the district from imposing an outsider as principal.  Love you, Verdugo!  Go Dons!!!!

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