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HPHS Students and Teachers Speak Out On The Reconstitution and Banishment of Their Teachers

July 19, 2011

Reconstituting  Huntington Park High School was supposedly done “for the students,” at least that’s what that six figure earning Yolie Flores would tell you.

Let’s hear from those who were supposed to benefit from this disaster, the students as well as current teachers:

1) “My first period teacher doesn’t know the math he is teaching me so he makes the students do it for him, when I brought up the question of him actually knowing the material, he ignored me and went back to calling students up to do the work for him”

2) “I have a sub for 3rd – AP Government and a sub for 4th”

3) “My 2nd period AP Spanish teacher is a blessing. Amazing woman teaching the class in an organizational matter with understandable material”

4) “We have a social studies teacher teaching us AP Lit I’ve resorted to reading the book my self and giving my self lessons, because at this point, I just can’t wait for them”

5) Fridays assembly didn’t get anybody excited, it was just a lecture on all the bad things that would happen to you if you didn’t respond well to the rules. Totally not a good way to get us excited nor focused.

6) “…. don’t have permanent teachers..too many students per class…”

7) “I don’t think these teacher can handle the hp student ”

8. “Most administrators use their position to reward or punish teachers on a whim. Some teachers are given positions out of the classroom to do essentially nothing. Other teachers are given super large classrooms, numerous preps, and no additional equiptment. Other teachers are given additional time off, small classes, and various other perks.” (from a teacher)

Obviously this is why teachers need a strong union contract that is enforced.

9) “Many of the teacher positions go unfilled so that friends of the administration can work off-track or secure an auxiliary position. Extra funds are used to enhance administrative salaries.” (from a teacher)

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  1. Former Fremont Teacher permalink
    July 19, 2011 2:40 pm


    This was the same issue at Fremont this last school year. I had Fremont students telling me that they had subs for at least 2 of their classes, one 4.0 student who was angry because they didn’t offer AP classes on his track like they did the year before.

    I wish a local university or education research group whould conduct an empirical and unbiased study on Fremont and HP to prove what we already know…the reconstitution business does not work.

  2. July 19, 2011 5:19 pm

    There has been a signficant amount of research done already on reconstitution and in general, things either stay the same or get worse. Rarely, does the reconstitution lead to any positive change.

    Students suffer greatly because of them. They are undertaken for political purposes so the blame can be put only on teachers. Then students pay the price.

  3. David permalink
    July 20, 2011 11:01 am

    The true purpose of the school re-constitutions are for the administrators to hold their positions. It was little to do with the the students. Comments eight and nine underscore my thesis.

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