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In Solidarity with Wisconsin Teachers: Union -busting Bill Upheld by Wisconsin Supreme Court

June 14, 2011

Yes, we all know its those evil teachers and sanitation workers who are the cause of the economic crisis.  Unfortunately, in electing Republican Scott Walker by a bare majority of 52%, Wisconsin citizens opened the gates of hell for workers in that state.   When voting to send a message, it is best not to cut your own throat at the same time, or vote in people who do the opposite of the message you intended to send- like creating better paying jobs. Now, Wisconsin workers will be in virtual serfdom.

So I wonder about all of those people who believe that evil. greedy teachers in Wisconsin are the root of their economic problems, if they will now take a job teaching for crappy pay and benefits.  No, they just want others to do it.  After all, according to local politicians,  teaching is a cake walk, an 8 – 3 job with three months off a year and “cadillac benefits.”   We’ll see how long parents of school age kids think this was a great idea.   I wonder when the real culprits like Bank of America who paid no taxes last year, will actually be held to account for this crisis.   Today as I was driving up Mt. Gleason Ave, I saw a man sitting in front of his house. It had  a “for sale” sign in front of it.  I had noticed this house which used to be one of the most attractive and well -kept on the street begin to deteriorate dramatically over the last month.  The man looked depressed and in shock and I realized this was probably yet another one of the continuing foreclosures in Sunland-Tujunga that have continued unabated.   A bank that pays no taxes and a homeowner forced to give up everything- our country is broken and all we can do is blame the victims.  Even our own President has taken part in the teacher -bashing.   

The iconic tune This Land is Your Land has been heavily censored for the past few decades.  One of the censored parts in the original song is:

“Is this land still made for you and me?”   

I’d say the answer is a definite “no.”

Here is Michael Moore’s inspiring and informative Wisconsin speech in which he reminded us that 400 rich men own the same wealth as the bottom 155 million Americans.  Yet teachers are the demons of society.

AMERICA IS NOT BROKE speech by Michael Moore

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