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Goodbye to All That

June 9, 2011

So Deasy and the district have coughed up some money for two weeks of PD at most of the new schools, including the school we design team members fled- South Region High School #2.  It looks like he is realizing that new schools take work to open and run, unlike Local District 7 which only thinks periodic assessments and mind-numbing textbooks are needed.  Yes, I know Deasy can’t be totally trusted due to his connections with Eli Broad and other matters, however, it seems as if he understands that schools need to be run competently, even if we have a different idea of what that means.

How do I know all of this? I received an email from one of the Public School Choice people, even though I have told them they no longer have to send me emails since I am not going to the school I wrote a plan for- yet they keep rolling in.  And although I had the option to transfer to some really great schools in Local District 2,  after surveying the educational landscape, I am staying put at my Options school.  Why you ask?  No value-added junk science, no extra pilot school hours, no elect to work agreements, no reconstitutions and pretty much complete academic freedom make this decision a no- brainer. Seeing job ads like the one on Ed-Join for social science teachers who get paid only when their students reach “benchmarks” also  helped me make this decision.  This online charter school, Julian Charter School,  actually misspelled “compensatin” while telling us teachers that while the school  gets per pupil funding, they would only get paid if students meet benchmarks.    And an educator would have no idea how much they would get paid until the three week mark.  Teachers now apparently work on commission.  So  a teacher is now responsible for a student’s actions who is not even sitting in the same room as they are.  I think I’ll stick with my Options School.   I like having a life for the exact same salary as when I didn’t have one.  And I actually like knowing what that salary will be.

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