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A South Los Angeles Parent’s View of the Gage and Central Disaster

June 2, 2011

Life goes on for me and the rest of the design team members of SRHS #2 but what about the parents and students of South Los Angeles? Read on for one parent’s perspective on this corrupt power play that stole the Central and Gage Schools from the community:

“Completely ignoring the needs of the community in the Gage/Central-South
Region H.S. #2, area of your district, as well as ignoring the pleas of
the Latino community, Dr. Deasy has decided  to saddle the community
with the inept Local District 7 administrators who don’t give a damn and
are proven failures to oversee the new campus. What kind of “reform”
message does this send to the rest of the district – you successfully
bid for a school, field a team of creative and committed teachers and
leaders to build a dream – only to have morally corrupt local district
personnel steal the project from you and staff it with principals and
other administrators who had absolutely NOTHING to do with its design or
input from the community.

Deasy has decided that the innovative complex designed by the ONLY TEAM
that bid for the high school campus, and spent a year of each of the
individuals’ time to create a school of the future, will now fall into
the same wretched hands of the ONLY Local District in the entire LAUSD
that has failed with every single high school it controlled, and was
left with only one, Fremont.  The administrators at Local 7 have now won
a purely political battle where the Latino families never stood a chance
and whose children are doomed to the continued failure of LAUSD. 
There’s a reason every other high school in Local District 7 is run by
non-LAUSD staff.  The DNA of the leadership of Local 7 is damaged and
needs a serious dose of stem cell-induced change.”

In all the words I wrote on this topic, I never could have said it better than this parent.

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