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The New Working Class Slavery for Teachers: Say Hello to Maple, Wisconsin And Your Future

May 13, 2011

A successful school district in Maple, WI has now taken the anti-union law and run with it.  Here are the new terms of employment for teachers in that district:

1) An 8 to 20 percent loss of pay

2) No tenure

3) No seniority

4) No maternity leave

5) No child-rearing leave

6) reduced/modified sick leave

7) No step increases

8 Pink slips to all employees so the superintendent can pick and choose teachers

9. Elimination of the definition of the school day so that it can be extended

10)  It is mandatory for teachers to cover other classes during their conference periods.

The goals: Reduce the quality of public education, deprofessionalize teaching and privatize education.

Will anyone attend a college of education now?  A teaching job will be a gig- something to get you through training or education for something else.

But what about the big economic picture?  Teachers with insecure jobs won’t be making any big purchases and buying homes. Property values will decline because they are often in large part based on the quality of  public schools in an area.  But this is the story of America: We constantly cut our own throats.   But it matters less now that corporations are global- they don’t need Americans to buy their products- they have new markets in the developing world.  It will hurt however, local Wisconsin businesses who rely on the last of the middle class that will be no more- teachers and other city and state workers.

Not surprisingly, a WI Republican legislator has introduced a bill to strip collective bargaining rights from cops and firefighters because they would not play ball with Governor Walker when he asked them to step aside and allow their union brothers and sisters rights to be trampled on.

Welcome to Third World America.  It’s too late to fight another day.  Get out now while you still can.

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