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Dennis Kucinich Says It All At The Worker’s Rights Rally

March 13, 2011

Did anyone ever dream things would get this bad for workers?  That corporations would have such a voracious appetite for profit that they would begin gobbling up the public sector after profiting off  of 3 trillion dollar wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?  That we would have a President spouting “hope and change” rendered impotent by the Wall Street gurus he surrounds himself with?   That most Americans would continue business as usual with the warning signs of more economic calamity around them? That they would believe that “bad teachers” are a bigger threat than the slicing and dicing of the public good?

This very much reminds me of my visit to the Museum of Tolerance some years back.  There was an exhibit that showed two people in about 1937 in a  German cafe discussing the persecution of Jews and others in Germany.  They talked about how some were fleeing Germany but felt as artists, they were safe because no one was coming after them.

Should I feel safe because I didn’t get a RIF and appear to have a secure position for next year?  I don’t feel that way because I know it is just a matter of time,  just chance that the roulette wheel spun my way but didn’t for my two colleagues- it is a temporary illusion just like Public School Choice which is the beginning of privatization and the control of knowledge in our schools.

Panic has turned to anger and now resolve.  So resolve to attend the March for our Communities and Our Jobs on March 26th 10 am at the Convention Center.


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