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The Insanity Continues: Luther Burbank Middle School to be Reconstituted

March 8, 2011

Dear former Fremont High colleagues:

I know you can’t read that headline without feeling something- empathy,  anger, deja vu.   Yes, it is happening again: an incompetent suit,  Dale Vigil (the same LAUSD puppet who fired Suzanne Blake from her job at the Performing Arts school)  announced that Burbank would be reconstituted.  Here is the text of an email from a teacher at Burbank Middle School:

“We were informed this afternoon by Vigil that he has reconstituted the school under NCLB.


We know this isn’t being done in the name of good education, because after the experience of Fremont, even the most clueless Beaudry bureaucrat would know staffing would become a nightmare with staff morale plummeting. It can’t be done in the name of test scores since they would surely drop after such a major change in staffing.  Hmmm, there is one possibility:  By constantly causing upheaval in many different schools with strong union personnel,  cohesion is difficult to maintain.  Combine the three reconstitutions for next year with the 500o RIF’s and you have pure utter chaos and madness, just the recipe to keep the union off guard and spending most of their energy dealing with RIF’s and other staffing issues.

We had a former colleague at Fremont who said he would “live to fight another day.” I’m just wondering if that day has arrived for him now?  Fremont, Belmont, Jordan, Luther Burbank.  How many more days  will it take?

Oh and I’m waiting for my RIF notice in the mail which should be arriving any day now.   When you take risks and speak out,  you have to take the consequences and I am fully prepared.   But it was worth it to fight for Fremont.  Maybe that is why the former colleague seems so angry.  I couldn’t figure it out at first. I mean, he got to stay at Fremont and be protected by the onerous Reed decision. He gets to play the wise sage veteran who knows more than anyone else.    He attacked Chuck and me and tried to convince me that many, many teachers were unhappy with things I wrote on the Save Fremont blog.  But 70% of teachers didn’t even reapply.   And quite a few more quit after being rehired.

So why the effort to convince me almost a year after the fact that “teachers were offended by what I wrote” especially about the rehiring process.  Really?  Shouldn’t we be more offended that teachers at Fremont were treated so poorly and in such an unprofessional manner?   Rather than attacking the judgment of inexperienced, arrogant administrators who wouldn’t know a good teacher if he or she hit them in the face,  he attacked his own colleagues.    I gave some advice to a teacher today at Luther Burbank.  And it wasn’t to “live to fight another day.”  I told her to fight like hell.

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  1. Teacher permalink
    March 8, 2011 10:11 pm

    A couple of weeks ago, teachers at Drew Middle School were informed in a very hasty meeting that the school would be going through the “Turnaround” Model (AKA Reconstitution) or the “Transformation” Model. Of course, the information was presented in such a way that the teachers felt that they had some say in the matter.

  2. March 8, 2011 11:37 pm

    Holy shit. Drew Middle School??? I haven’t heard a thing about that. This is how you oust veteran teachers: RIF’s, Reconstitute and TFA

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