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The Shock Doctrine Meets LAUSD

February 11, 2011

I arrived home tonight and checked my email and saw about 20 posts from Progressive Educators about the just released “preliminary” RIF list that conveniently includes more permanent than non-permanent teachers.   Amazingly the district plans to lay off 145 permanent  music teachers and 83 permanent art teachers.  Isn’t that basically the entire music and art teaching staff in LAUSD?

Here’s a number even more chilling:  3,109 PERMANENT  elementary teachers.  How the hell do you lay off that many elementary teachers?  I  assumed with these shocking numbers, surely  UTLA would awaken from its slumber, but after a quick check of the home page I could find no mention of these potential RIFs.  UPDATE:  UTLA  has at least partially awakened.   Here is a write up from their website:


At least the district still has money to hire out of classroom teachers, RTI teachers and data crunchers as music and art disappear from our schools.  And even more fascinating is the fact that no school administrators will be cut – only teachers.

I can think of two wasteful expenses that should be cut:  Periodic Assessments can be postponed for a year and crappy curriculum like Voyager which is one of the worst reading and math programs we teachers have even seen  should be axed.   This is a curriculum used in some supplemental education programs and most teachers agree it is horrible.   It would be interesting to see just how the contract between the district and the company that publishes Voyager came about.   That would save millions.  Then there is of course the matter of John Deasy’s  80,000 dollar raise before he ever takes the job as Superintendent. That could save at least one art or  one music teacher.   Because we know it’s really all about the kids. (sarcasm alert)


Temporary Resource Teacher, Program Specialist Gompers Middle School
Local District 7
Expert, Local District Pre-K through 12 Response to Instruct Office of Curriculum Instruction & School Support
Local District 1
Intervention Teacher Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary School
Local District 7
Problem-Solving/Data Coordinator Carver Middle School
Local District 5
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