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My Vote In the Upcoming UTLA Election: Mat Taylor, President

February 4, 2011

In case you haven’t seen the latest, over 100 schools will now have to make room for charters in their schools- which is now why more than ever we need a fighter at UTLA- someone who is not afraid to use the court system to challenge the outrageous takeover of public education.

We need Mat to do what Duffy has refused to do and what Julie Washington won’t- articulate an actual point of view for public educators and point out to the public that these charter schools often have foundations that up their ADA to 10,000 per year per child and now they want to take our space??   I don’t know about you, but I see plenty of empty commercial space in Los Angeles and right now, there are bargains to be had so there is no excuse for these private schools to steal space from local kids.

At the time when we needed the strongest union leadership, we got the weakest.  That’s why we need to elect Mat. I remember when I couldn’t think straight during the reconstitution of Fremont and I saw Mat on TV and he said the problem isn’t the bad teachers, it’s keeping the good ones.   We need him to continue to speak in ways the public can understand while getting to the heart of the matter.

I know Mat has his slate of Shawn Boone  for Secretary and Juan Ramirez for Elementary VP.

I am supporting Mat Taylor for President, Lorena Valenzuela for UTLA  Secretary, Ana Valencia for UTLA/NEA Vice President, Francis Copeland for Secondary Vice President, Elaine LeBoeuf for elementary VP and  in my area Erika Jones for Valley East NEA Director.

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