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“Why Did A Race To The Top Replace Equal Educational Opportunity?” – Diane Ravitch

December 24, 2010

As teachers we look for answers, but sometimes, the answer’s in the question, like the one posed by Diane Ravitch at her July Speech to the NEA Representative Assembly.


Highlights of the speech:

1) Public schools are a cornerstone of our society.

2) “The race [to the top] will have a few winners and a lot of losers”

3) “Teachers  should be judged by professional standards and not by a political process” : said about a law passed in Colorado which will see teachers fired if test scores don’t rise.

4) Charter middle schools do not get better results than regular public schools”

5) “If we pursue the path of privatization and deregulation, we better keep in mind what happened to the stock market in 2008″

6)” Research does not support evaluating teachers by test scores”

7) “The single most reliable indicator of test scores is poverty”

8 )  Teachers in high poverty schools “deserve praise, not pink slips.”

9) “Merit pay is another one of the useless fads of our time”

10) “I have spoken out repeatedly to defend the right of teachers to join unions for their protection and for the protection of the teaching profession.  Teachers have a right to a collective voice in the political process.  It’s the American way. ”

11) “We need expert teachers, not a steady influx of novices.”

12) We need principals who are themselves master teachers” (received the loudest applause)

13) “Don’t let it happen.”  Said about the current trend toward privatizing public education.

Merry Christmas!

Diane Ravitch is Bill Gates Public Enemy #1

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