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Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (With Apologies to Al Franken)

December 16, 2010

Now who would I be talking about?  McKenna,  Cortines,  the rogue principal of Fremont High?   Yes, it turns out to be the latter,  as  this carefully worded and misleading article titled Fremont High Reportedly Doing Better,  But Staffing Difficulties Weren’t Revealed catches  Cortines’ puppet, Balderas in a pack of lies.  Staffing difficulties?  Really?  But I think I recall a sign in the main office during those dark days of  reconstitution stating that there were “600 applications for our jobs.”  And now to find out that the “principal” of Fremont High lied to parents and told them the school was fully staffed?     How little respect must he have for this community?

I certainly hope the staff of the “new” Fremont isn’t falling for this.   Hopefully they don’t believe their own press because well,  it’s built on lies.   As a former Fremont teacher pointed out,  Periodic Assessments were being boycotted so of course more students would be taking these McDonaldized assessments which cost taxpayers millions of dollars- dollars that could be spent say, on plant managers and office technicians, librarians and teacher aides.

Supposedly only four positions remained open in September?? Actually, since there were about 30 subs on campus and another 40 “teachers” new to teaching, not to mention the teachers working auxilleries,  meaning the school actually lacked 1/4 of an actual permanent staff and still does.   And Fremont continues to be top-heavy in administrators while laying off classified staff-the LAUSD employees who actually run the schools.

I remember when the puppet principal installed by Cortines proclaimed the reconstitution marked the “end of an era.”  Say what?  How much of a megalomaniac do you have to be to think that you can end an era of a school that was built in 1924 and whose graduates are keeping that memory alive?


I have a feeling these graduates would beg to differ with you, Mr. Balderas.  You are an occupier and a sell out- and a liar.  Fremont will survive your reign of terror but it will take a long time for it to recover.

Fremont 1955


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