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From Chuck Olynyk: JUSTICE

July 19, 2010

Below are some excerpts from Mr. Oynyk’s latest posting “Refugee.”


Rumors flit across my monitors (oooh, makes it sound like I have an
action station like the Batcave or the bridge of the Galactica or the
Enterprise—nah, just alternating between desktop and laptop) and through my
cellphone about this struggle for troubled schools.

The rumors got me thinking about what I really want to see happen. Justice.

But I’ll have to do my own Law.

So, Olynyk’s First Law (at least for now) is a rewrite of something Khan Noonian
Singh said in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”. What Khan said was, “Captain,
do you know the Klingon proverb, “Vengeance is a dish best served cold’?”
Olynyk’s First Law: “Justice, not vengeance, is a dish best served cold.”I want Justice (intentional capital).

So, I started “peeling the onion” again.

[In order to get funds like race to the top]
“That pretty much means competition imposed from the outside, with success
rewarded financially and retribution for not keeping up. An aside—when I first
heard the phrase “No Child Left Behind,” I wondered innocently, “What do you do
with the ones who can’t keep up?” Certainly no two children are alike. We do pay
a lot of lip service to the individuality of children, encouraging the
acknowledgement and support of different learning modalities, have expanded our
knowledge of learning disabilities—and yet insist that students learn the same
lessons at the same pace.
And what we seem to have embraced is the idea that we can wrap duct tape around
the problems of race and socioeconomic situations, that we can ignore how
poverty has a detrimental effect upon learning, just because these problems
don’t respond well to the “quick fix.”

Dr. George McKenna III would have us
believe that walking past a whore house a few buildings from the intersection of
Florence and Figueroa and walking under the Harbor Freeway past the homeless
people who live at the offramp and showing up smelling like wet laundry and not
eating until 1 p.m. would not possibly affect a child’s ability to learn.

What if LAUSD dropped what they did to Fremont High, what do I want? “Gold.
Rifles. The head of the Bashaw on a basket of melons.”—The Raisuli or Mulay
Ahmed Muhamed Raisuli the Magnificent, Sherif of the Riffian Berbers, Last of
the Barbary Pirates, “The Wind and the Lion.” Justice. I want to show that this
reconstitution was done as a political stunt for grant money. I want to see the
removal of Mr. Balderas and those illegally hired. I want a real independent
audit a to investigate where the money the staff was accused of squandering
went. I would like to see those removed from the Mont, whether they chose to
reapply or not, to return if they desire it. I, however, could not make that
journey. Thursday’s UTLA meeting brought that home. To never let this happen
again in LAUSD. To show reconstitution for what it really is.

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