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Current student comments on the Reconstitution (destruction) of Fremont High

July 17, 2010

Student #1
” I am a current senior at Fremont High School and I should say the New Fremont is just as bad. For my honors English class I have no permanent teacher, our teacher just showed up one day and disappeared??? Now we got subsitutes who aren’t even qualified to teach our course giving us some work which we have no clue if it will be graded…most importantly we are not learning anything! and I’m stuck there because my academy is stuck without a AP english course so the Honors was suppose to replace that. I have not learned anything in my class since the start of school. Not everything is bad there are some pretty cool new teachers even though I miss my old ones but what makes me pissed is that we have subsitutes preparing us for future tests such as SAT, ACT, and the subject tests. What happened to my teacher? he disappeared and not even the sub knows what happened”

Student #2“Well there is no student council, there is no teacher for it.”

“Yeah, not much is happening that is good and I hear the counselors are really having trouble with changing classes, since they are in charge of a lot of students.”

Student #3
“I was walking around checking out the school when I saw Balderas speaking to a small crowd of super young teachers. He was telling them that they are very special and brave for working at an inner city school with inner city students. He made it sound like Fremont students are a bunch of wild monkeys and they are heroes for risking their life to try to civilize them.”

Student #4
“There a lot of new teachers that can’t teach ya and im trying my best I think I am actually graduating this year.”


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