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What We Know and What Still Needs to Be Verified

July 15, 2010

As if what we know isn’t scary enough


1) Two coordinator positions remain open: technology and Title 1

a) Title 1 position remains open because the faculty voted down the principal’s choice and he returned to his home school and Mr. Labat was unethically displaced (the whole story of which will be told when Mr. Labat is securely in another position)

2) Computer labs are shuttered.
a) Scheduling calendars have been pulled from the fremont website – you can see when you click on the
b) tech support positions have been closed and only 3 tech support staff out of 6 will remain
c) Is this the “education students deserve?”

3) Teachers are teaching outside of their positions, sometimes WAY outside their positions.
a) Spanish teachers covering biology and chemisty is just one example.

4) Atmosphere of fear and dictatorial control on campus. This has been stated by a few teachers

a) weekly lesson plan turn in has started at least for some teachers

b) teachers being watched and questioned if they say, happened to be quoted in an article

1)Scripted curriculum: has it been instituted, has it been mandated? If so, what subjects and what curriculum and from what companies or organizations did it come from. Will it be forthcoming and will there be teacher choice in the curriculum.

2) Students having as many as three classes without a regular teacher (confirmed by a few students who don’t have a teacher for two classes plus advisory)

3) Supplies for teachers: adequate not adequate: how are supplied being ordered: in departments, academies etc

4)No AP History or English classes on B track. Is this true or is that just for history?

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