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Our Beloved Mr. Labat “Displaced” and Banished from Fremont!

July 3, 2010

UTLA President
A.J. Duffy

Please call AJ Duffy’s office or email and politely insist that Mr. Labat be returned as Title 1 coordinator. There are many details to this story, but to keep it short, the staff wanted Mr. Labat to return at Title 1 coordinator but the dictatorial principal, Mr. Balderas, instead of respecting the staff, decided to “not select” Mr. Labat even after he had been rehired. This is disgusting and if Mr. Balderas is not stopped much worse is ahead for the staff of the beloved Mont.

This means Mr. Labat, after years of wonderful service to Fremont, will have to start over at another school unless we take action now! Obviously, the principal is insecure and for some reason, has to constantly prove his manhood. Real men don’t treat people this way!

Please call AJ Duffy at the number above or email him.

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  1. A Teacher Who Did Not Reapply permalink
    July 3, 2010 7:48 pm

    I can’t feel sorry for teachers who took it upon themselves to reapply and then don’t like how the school they reapplied for shakes out. They knew going in that reconstitution was a losing proposition for the teachers and the school, but those who reapplied wanted to play it safe. The Save Fremont Committee told teachers time and time again NOT to reapply. Our strength was in our numbers and our professionalism as educators. If we had all stood together, Balderas, McKenna, and Cortines would have been forced to think of some other way to improve Fremont and this reconstitution would have not gone forward. The selfish actions in the past of looking out for your own career and not the future of the school and the students has caused the nightmare you are witnessing today. The administration will continue to pick off anyone they please and there won’t be anything the teachers can do about it. Teachers who reapplied made the bed that they now have to lie in.

    As the months and months went on I saw less and less teachers protesting in the front of the school and going to the school board meetings to stand up against this reconstitution. Each day I saw the number of teachers reapplying going higher and higher on the principal’s tally sheet. I don’t recall Mr. Labat marching with us and protesting. You can’t win a war by letting the few brave ones fight your battles.

  2. July 3, 2010 8:12 pm

    Regardless, they would have reconstituted the school. Look at how few teachers they actually did rehire.

    The union did not support us or take legal action for us so NO ONE can be blamed for reapplying. That’s what we pay union dues for and they didn’t do their collective jobs so how could teachers act collectively?

    Mr. Labat did an admirable job in his Title 1 position. He should be supported. The protesting wasn’t doing any good because neither the community nor the union stood up for us.

    Most teachers who reapplied and were not selected already have found other jobs. It will be the teachers and students left behind who suffer.

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