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From Chuck Olynyk: Contacts and Support For Those Left Behind: Don’t Suffer In Silence

July 1, 2010

This is Chuck’s latest post at Remember Fremont. I will also be reposting later his brilliant treatise on merit pay. But for now, it is all about our colleagues who have been left behind. And remember, you can post anonymous comments here as well as at
Don’t allow the insecure men in suits to intimidate you or scare you. Remember, THEY didn’t rehire some of your best colleagues. THEY have lied to you. THEY have denigrated the noble profession of teaching. THEY did not teach enough years to even have the right to judge anyone else’s teaching. THEY do not care about this community. THEY are here to further their own careers at the expense of teachers and students. FIGHT BACK!
We now know from a comment left in the post below that subs are being hired- even those who might be fully credentialed are being hired as subs. How does that fulfill the mandate of NCLB? It does allow the district to provide fewer benefits and provides few if any job protections to the new employee. In addition, they may not get the support they need because they are “just a sub.” The union should be contacted about this situation

And don’t hesitate to use your mental health benefits. If you have an HMO usually your copayment is low and they always approve this. Getting a different perspective on your situation-even if you don’t think you need counseling -will be invaluable. In addition, writing down the pros and cons of your situation will be helpful. It aided me in accepting a job offer that on the surface, I would have turned down. But I realized the principal was honest, she saw through the bs at Fremont and though the position will be “different” I will have support and don’t have to worry about testing and “data.”

One of the best counselors in Long Beach is:

Doreen Mercado She is available through Associated Therapists
Their office number is 714-898-0362 She is available through Health Net and I am sure through Blue Cross. She has a friend who teaches in a middle school in Watts so she understands. She herself also counsels troubled youth. She has an office in Orange County as well


Today is Thursday, July 01, 2010 and Day 6 PF. Weird how quickly I had to start thinking about what day of the week it is, even with my built-in indicators (sister’s therapist days, church, Space Babe night—watching “Battlestar Galactica” with a friend). I had to actually think about it; of course waiting for payday because now, what with furloughs and suchlike, there is too much month to the end of the money.

It also struck me that one week ago, I was able to post—as a full-fledged post, not a comment—to Save Fremont, a lonely feeling, to be sure. And to hear what’s going on at the Mont adds to matters.

Such as: block scheduling, which the faculty voted overwhelmingly against; the demand that your personal cell phones be used to call home, the machinations of lesson planning (thought those came out of a can), the warm-fuzzy McKenna
speeches, the word that people are not talking to each other.

It is not prison. No matter how much the powers that be think you did something wrong and were sentenced to serve at John C. Fremont High. You have choices.

The first choice is to call Chris Arellano, the South Area Reprsentative, at (213) 368-6253, or email him at or write him at 3303 Wilshire Blvd, 10th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010. If there are things you object to—such as the way you are being treated or spoken to—WRITE! CALL!

Speaking of writing, a couple of days ago, in my last post, I asked you to join Teachers Letters to Obama on Facebook. Get involved. I asked you, well, Anthony Cody did, but I’m doing it as well, to sign the petition on-line (see Tuesday’s link) and to read through the Letter from TLO, laying out our Seven Principles.

Pick one, write a letter and post it. I got a little over-enthusiastic and
posted two. One was about merit pay—which will be an issue at the Mont, as well as all over the country; that is Principle 1. The other, Principle 7, has impacted you more severely, more immediately: helping troubled schools. We were guests of honor of that.

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