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Day 5 Post Fremont : the good (Contreras in as union rep), the bad (Labat out as Title 1) and the ugly (the callous actions of the administration)

June 30, 2010

Information has come out that our beloved Mr. Labat is no longer the Title 1 coordinator.  Now think hard boys and girls.  Why would they pull this competent coordinator out and put him back in the classroom and attempt to put a neophyte in his place?

That’s right, not enough social studies teachers.  And to think that social studies teachers are a dime a dozen but apparently, not at Fremont.  The chickens are coming home to roost and it is only Day 3 pre- opening of the New and Improved Fremont.   So many of our students will have subs but at least some of them will have Mr. Labat.  What a horrible way to treat a loyal employee.

Now on an interesting note, the smart and humorous Mr. Contreras will be the new union rep.  I think that is  a great call by the teachers.  He has just the personality for that job and will advocate for teachers.   And to think they thought they got rid of the union activists.  Looks like they are creating new ones by their actions.

How’s that trust building working out?

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  1. Mary Hoover permalink
    July 1, 2010 10:21 am

    I can’t say I’m that surprised. This is pretty much the same thing that happened to John Rose. I think you forgot one other reason for the switch: I’ll bet that the new coordinator is either (or both) a pretty young woman, and/or someone who will do what the administration wants.

  2. Ex-Fremont Teacher permalink
    July 1, 2010 11:23 am

    I’m curious about these trust building exercises. I honestly don’t know what they are supposed to accomplish. Do the teachers not trust the new administration in backing them up? Do the teachers not trust the validity of the scripted lessons? Do the administrators not trust the teachers to do a professional job?

    Could someone please explain. Thanks.

  3. Fremont Watch permalink
    July 1, 2010 1:06 pm

    I’ll see if someone can post what exactly these trust building exercises are. This short term thinking and retaliation for speaking out are actually hurting students. If they would have hired back more social studies teachers, they could have kept Mr. Labat in his position where he does a good job. He may end up leaving for some place that will treat him better

    In a day or so I will post what I think the real reason for this reconstitution is. It obviously wasn’t to improve the school or help students. There is another reason and it is happening in other cities. Stay tuned.

    Honestly, Mary, I don’t think these administrators are that smart. The fact that they would remove excellent workers from their positions to put in a crony without regard to quality just demonstrates their stupidity. Wonder how they got their administrative credentials.

  4. Grrrrrr permalink
    July 1, 2010 10:16 pm

    A former student of mine just emailed me. She just finished her credential and she was “hired” to be a history teacher at Fremont. But now LAUSD is telling her that they can only process her as a sub. She said she talked to Balderass about it, but he was being a jerk.

    The sad thing is that even though she might be considered a “scab” of sorts in the grand scheme of things, she graduated from Fremont and would be a great teacher, albeit, being a new teacher with so few veteran teachers around will be extremely challenging.

    Ultimately, I told her that the principal was not “being” a jerk, he IS a jerk and that if she did choose to stick around Fremont, she should expect more of the same kind of treatment.

  5. July 2, 2010 12:12 am

    That is so sad. If she has a C-19 letter she should be processed as a regular teacher. There really is a lawsuit here because they dismissed highly qualified NCLB teachers and they are replacing them with subs.

    Did she graduate from a regular university program or as an intern? She needs to contact human resources immediately – as well as the credentials department. She should not be bullied into being a sub. As long as she has the C19 letter she should be fine. If she is an intern, she still starts out the same as a regular employee in most respects.

    Saturday July 3rd- you are right, they can only hire internal candidates so they shouldn’t be hiring her right now anyway. But lets say there were no internal candidates, they should still hire her as a credentialed teacher

    • Mary Hoover permalink
      July 2, 2010 8:47 pm

      Brand new social studies teachers CAN’T be hired, whether their paperwork is in order or not, because of all the displaced and RIF’d teachers that need to be placed in all local districts. Only SPECIAL ED. and SCIENCE teachers can be hired as new teachers. Teach for America teachers, intern programs, whatever–no new teachers can be hired except in those two areas. There has been some question about whether LAUSD has been following the law in this regard. Because the Fremont administration has been so incompetent in their hiring decisions they may indeed be short-handed in various departments, but that doesn’t allow them to make their own rules–as much as they’d try to, if nobody’s watching. UTLA has been applying pressure and checking all teachers being hired at Fremont to make sure the correct process is followed.

      Incidentally, I don’t believe removing Mr. Labat as Title I coordinator has anything to do with “needing” him to teach social studies. Mr. Labat asked too many questions at Site Council meetings, had too much information that contradicted what Balderas said, and knew too much about correct procedures. Balderas needed somebody less experienced and/or more willing to do as he/she was told.

      • July 2, 2010 9:47 pm

        I feel really badly for Mr. Labat. It looks like Fremont will be run into the ground due to the insecurity of the administration. The school will never improve with people being treated this way.

        I noticed that Fremont showed up on the Teach In LA site finally because they have to hire correctly. There are three openings in English yet they were so stupid they didn’t hire back Mario or Bill or Linda. Voila! There are your three English teachers. This really should be – to quote our former principal- “a lawsuit.” And yes, you are right, all the slots are supposed to go to “internal candidates.”

        By the way Mary, do you know if displaced teachers have priority over RIF’s? And on the displacement letter it says to continue to show to your “current location” until you have spoken to a personnel specialist. As if! I would never show up to Fremont -at least not until the current goon sqaud is gone. Could they force me to go back there??

  6. Mary Hoover permalink
    July 3, 2010 9:46 am

    All the displaced teachers should have already contacted 3 people: (LD7 personnel specialist), (LAUSD Human Resources), and (Christopher is the South Area union person keeping track of the hiring situation at Fremont and the placement issues for our displaced teachers). I don’t know about priority over RIFs, and I don’t think (but am not positive) about forcing you back to the New Fremont, even as a sub. But knowing that LD7 is trying to keep displaced teachers in that local district, everybody looking for a new position should be out making contacts at other schools in other local districts. I know no one wants to go back to Fremont, but who even wants to be in LD7? If you wait to let them place you, I’m sure you’ll be at a school in LD7, either in a regular position, or as the “first sub of the day” at a school. They said everybody would be in a school by the middle of September.

    I think it’s become clearer as people have gone to other schools and local districts just how disfunctional (and abusive) Fremont and LD7 are. It’s hard to have any perspective if you haven’t taught anywhere else. But people are coming back from other schools and talking about the “respect” for teachers and students they noticed on other campuses. About the difference in the “atmosphere.” That’s just from walking around the campus. We just didn’t have any basis for comparison. Lots of people have gotten a job outside LD7, and the paperwork seems to be going through. This is a situation where teachers MUST be proactive, even if they haven’t done a resume in 10 (or more) years–who wanat to “trust” LD7 to find them a good position?

  7. July 3, 2010 6:18 pm

    I agree Mary. And thanks, while I did contact Rosa, I have not contacted Karol. I have had some unusual situations occur while job hunting but in general, the other schools are cleaner and the principals more polite to me and to their staff. There is a much more professional atmosphere. I did get a job in Local District 2 but don’t know when the paperwork will go through because the staff won’t be back until July 30th.

    I do have a question. If we suspect we are getting a bad reference from Fremont, what can we do, especially if your stull was positive? That was what I was talking about when it comes to unusual situations.

    Thanks for the info

    And by the way, how big of an idiot is Mr. Balderas to displace Mr. Labat. Now he has even one less social studies teacher! What a moron. And school hasn’t even started yet!

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